The Rebuilt Clubhouse

The Rebuilt Clubhouse
The Club Members Rallied Round To Rebuild The Clubhouse After A Fire

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shrewsbury Lawn Tennis not the same

The season is over.  I arrived in town only recently, and to my mind, the contractors have not been a success.  When I played on the grass, the court was never right.  Balls didn't bounce consistently, or well.  It was a little embarrassing trying to pretend all was OK to save the faces of the committee members present who had been so keen to get rid of Dave Davies.

Dave had an instinct for a grass court and would respond to the weather on each and every occasion day by day.  A contractor mows on the day he's promised to mow, and has no responsibility for the quality of the court once he's done his work.  Timing the mowing is all important, and the rolling.  Some courts can be got ready a few hours earlier than others where drainage is slower or quicker, or where wind is stronger.  The care and attention to detail has gone.  It seems clear to me that asking Dave Davies to leave was a mistake.

As weather gets trickier, you need more experience of tennis court preparation, not less.

The contractors have got rid of the moss.  That was done in a day and could have been done with hired equipment easily enough.

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  1. I'm an old friend of Dave's. Can anyone point me in his direction with an email or phone number I live in Nagaland now